Friday, 8 January 2010

More Snow

With more snow fallen and forecast its nice to see the sense of community in Medway. Those clearing the snow are housewives and retired gents. Where are all the fit young lads who cant get to work?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


The Government tells us to recycle, the council tells us to recycle. When we do recycle the bags of mixed recyables get shipped off to China for sorting at OUR expence. The council tells us its so the council tax will be cheaper. The rcyclables once sorted get sold on. The stuff that cant be used goes into Chines landfill or India's landfill. Its still going into the ground so why not here and save on the shipping costs. The reason is if the council landfill here they get finded by the EU. They dont if it goes into landfill outside the EU. To add insult to injury over Christmas they didnt even collect it. Everywher in Medway at the moment there are blue bags on the streets. Some residents tell me they have not had there's collected for four weeks, some in Cliffe have not has there's collected for six weeks. Thats plenty of time for the rats to start breeding. The council cannot deny this at all as my wife has just returned from China and she saw Medway blue recycle bags there.