Sunday, 27 December 2009

tax increases

To those out there that vote Labour because they always have done. Labour plans to increase taxes on those who are actually working. They are going to tax your car parking at work and your staff canteen whether you use them or not your are going to pay tax on them under Labour.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


We all hear stories about controls on immigration but immigration continues to increase. This is because what the everyday  person calls immigrants is not the same as what Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems call immimgrants. To the public immigrants are everybody outside of the UK. To Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems immigrants are people outside of the EU. The increased crime figures we have seen in the UK from Eastern Europeans are not regraded as a problem of immigration as these 3 main parties are Europhiles and dont count these people as immigrants. Don't take my word for it, go to your local MP and ask them. See if you get a straight answer or not.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Health and Safety

We are always being told what we can and can't do these days. Various groups quote health and safety at us. But a few days of snow and these same groups are quite happy for the elderly, the disabled, young children and pregnant women to walk on sheet ice and in the middle of roads. Come on put you money where your mouth is and get the pavements clear.

Friday, 18 December 2009


Remember. Positive discrimination is still discrimination no matter what the reason.


Come on Medway Council why have you not gritted the roads. Gritting the motorway is fine but not much use if all the roads to it havent been gritted. Today there are no buses. The trains are running a  good service but the roads are worse than February. The A2 from Rainham to Strood going through all of the Medway towns hasnt been touched by any salt. I know I have had to walk miles this morning. I have seen so many people fall over today on the pavements. How much extra cost is that to hospitals and businesses. A lot more than a few tons of salt. Medway Council knew that there was a predicted 20cm of snow so why didnt they make more effort. Dartford, Bexley and other parts of South London were clear so why not Medway.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Labour now wants to reduce prison overcrowding by allowing up to 400 female prisoners out of custodial sentences and have them work their sentence off by doing community service. Community service is there for offenders not requiring a custodial sentence. Not for prisoners to get off softly. If a custodial sentence was given at the trial that’s what they should get. Jack Straw wants to reduce the prison places even more and let out 300 by 2011 and 100 more in 2012. These are not ladies that just forgot to pay the TV licence. These are hardened criminals who have made crime a career choice.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Medway Council rip off. Check out this website for videos from a local film maker about the rip offs and corruption in  Medway Council.


The EU is proposing that we close all independent garages and car mechanics and force us all to only use main dealers. This would mean an increase in cost for servicing and accident repairs. Main dealers are the most expensive places to go already to have your car fixed. But you can guarantee that they would put their prices up even more to cover their increased overheads as they would have to take on more mechanics to keep up with demand. Car insurance would also cost more.The EU, in the same proposal, also suggests that MOT’s be carried out by the car manufacturer. They would also like to see the manufacture scrap the car at the end of its useful life. This would mean that you could be stuck having to stick to the same make of car and having to part exchange it every few years.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


  • Give independence to headteachers over teaching, examinations and discipline.
  • Scrap useless paperwork and trust teachers to do their jobs; oppose the closures of special schools.
  • Encourage competative sports, playing fields and school trips.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Pentagon Centre

Have you been to the Pentagon recently. Most of the big names are going. The management are waiting for a big government handout next year as they hope to improve the place in an attempt to rival Bluewater. The buses are going to move out. Loads of money has been spend on improving Chathams waterfront and now the council are going to build a bus depot there. This means that the globe car park will diasppear. You will have to walk from the waterfront to the Pentagon carring all your shopping. We all know how windy that area is on the best of days. Imagine what it will be like when its raining hard. The council is also planning to sell the two car parks between the Pentagon and Tesco, so thats three car parks gone. Where are these shoppers who are meant to be coming to this impoved Pentagon going to park?


Did you see in the local paper a man arrested for taking photographs of his home town? He was later de-arrested and told there was no charge but I have heard of this happening four times since August. Are we now all terrorists? Medway is a heritage town, how will this anti-photo policing affect tourism? I have contacted Medway police for varification so lets see what happens next.

Global Warming

I see Gordon Brown has pledged £1.5 billion to an international global warming fund. Is this tax payers money or is he going to borrow yet more money. I am a science graduate and like myself many scientists know that man made global warming does not exist. Its all progaganda just to get more money out of us. All these so-called experts are all government scientists and yes-men. Why are the independent scientists and research labs hushed up.