Sunday, 13 December 2009

Pentagon Centre

Have you been to the Pentagon recently. Most of the big names are going. The management are waiting for a big government handout next year as they hope to improve the place in an attempt to rival Bluewater. The buses are going to move out. Loads of money has been spend on improving Chathams waterfront and now the council are going to build a bus depot there. This means that the globe car park will diasppear. You will have to walk from the waterfront to the Pentagon carring all your shopping. We all know how windy that area is on the best of days. Imagine what it will be like when its raining hard. The council is also planning to sell the two car parks between the Pentagon and Tesco, so thats three car parks gone. Where are these shoppers who are meant to be coming to this impoved Pentagon going to park?

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